July 1, 2014

Verizon Venture Forum: A Day of Questions, Insightful Discussions And More Questions

We are conducting business in times of unprecedented change. As the Internet and mobility fuel extraordinary transformation, content has arguably seen the greatest disruption – in the form of its creation, delivery, consumption and monetization. As I participated in Verizon Ventures’ recent Venture Forum, which was focused on these forces, I was struck by two primary thoughts:

  1. the absolute brilliance of those in the room with me (more on that later) and yet
  2. how we still have, in many cases, more questions than we do answers regarding the impact that this disruption will have on the way we consume and monetize content.

Some of the many thought-provoking questions that were debated include: 

  • What is the primary engine for mass distribution: content quality or innovative marketing?
  • Can video be delivered over-the-top with the same quality as television? And does it matter to consumers?
  • Is there greater value for the creation of expensive or inexpensive content today?
  • And how do we effectively market to and analyze the patterns of individuals who view an average of 20 screens per hour?
  • How do companies that serve as delivery platforms add value and differentiate?
  • If the greatest monetization opportunity lies in video, does its greatest power lie in short or long-form?

Of course, there are no correct answers to these questions today. And the dynamics will continue to unfold as the months and years go on. While these unanswered questions certainly create challenges for startups and established companies alike, as we observe, research and roll-out new offerings based on what many predict will be the future of digital content, there is also extraordinary opportunity, as we capitalize on new creation methods, distribution models and monetization paradigms that are available to us today.

As a firm that has a vested interest in the success of entrepreneurs that are creating these opportunities, Verizon Ventures is thrilled to be at the nexus of many of the discussions that are shaping tomorrow’s adoption models. It was gratifying to be surrounded by some of the most impressive individuals at leading companies in the technology industry – from founders and entrepreneurs to VCs and media companies.

Special thanks to Fox-TV’s Shelly Palmer, who moderated the Verizon Venture Form and added lively, insightful commentary throughout our session. I’d like to send additional thanks from Verizon Ventures to everyone who invested their time and offered insights into the dynamics that are changing the way we do business, consume content and engage with others.

It will certainly continue to be an exhilarating ride for many years to come. I look forward to taking it with you and the many incredible individuals who are leading this digital content revolution.

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