October 22, 2014

Give First: Extending Verizon’s Powerful Connections with our Device Pilot Program

One of the best and most important mantras in the startup ecosystem is to “Give First”.  Verizon Ventures is committed to walking the walk by taking the resources that Verizon has as a global tech company and making them available to entrepreneurs. We listened to our portfolio and the community about its needs and we're excited to announce the Verizon Ventures Device Pilot Program where startups working on developing the next generation of connected solutions can build and test their products on Verizon powered hardware... for free.

Startups in our portfolio as well as those in our network can choose from over 100 Verizon powered devices that range from specialized vehicle telematics modems to super rugged tablets and scanners and use them for three months.  We have already started shipping devices ready to go out of the box and have teams across the country building their MVPs.  There is no account to sign up for, no data limit, no contracts – the program is all about getting devices into the hands of founders who need them so it’s easier to get products built and shipped.

We recognize that for you to hit escape velocity as a startup, it requires not only capital, but also the tools and relationships that can help you hit your next milestone.  And as the Internet of Everything becomes more pervasive, companies need not just hardware, but backend, network, UX, and data analytics expertise.  A powerful network connection that gets data to the cloud and back should be a part of the foundation of an IoT venture, but not the core of its business.  This program’s mission is to make that powerful connection a little bit easier.

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