October 10, 2014

Introducing Verizon's Machine Connect Program

Building a successful company and driving meaningful growth requires a number of components. In addition to having a solid business strategy, a skillful team and a product or service that delivers value, having an investor that provides more than just funding is indispensable. The journey of turning risk into opportunities and a vision into a reality can be challenging, but having a trusted syndicate associate that can offer extensive resources and a platform to help drive unbounded potential can make landing on success all the more easier.

Back in December at the semi-annual Verizon Venture Forum, the Verizon Ventures team recognized the state of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and how challenging it is for enterprises to get up and running quickly. We believe the power of the network is important and wanted to provide the efficiency and connectedness that would unlock possibilities for the enterprise community. As a result of working closely with our Innovation Program team on simplifying M2M onboarding to the Verizon network, we were proud to unveil the Machine Connect Program at Super Mobility Week powered by CTIA.

We collaborated with Connected IO to build a module that offers simplicity for embedding 4G wireless connectivity into M2M applications, or can serve as a development platform for Host Device integrators. Our semi-rugged, low cost Machine Connect modem will help improve the enterprise ecosystem by bringing together automation, insight and greater control over operations in order to create valuable opportunities. The early stage companies that have access to our global networks and domain expertise will be better connected by using this intelligent device with embedded 4G LTE connectivity. Startups interested in using the device can apply to Verizon’s Innovation Program.

As devices are getting smarter and gathering speed, we hope that Verizon’s Machine Connect Program will contribute to this new era of connectivity. Here’s to creating the next generation of M2M to simplify and improve every aspect of a successful business that is driving meaningful growth. 

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