October 10, 2014

Verizon Ventures Expands the Cloud Ecosystem with CloudBees Investment and PaaS Integration

As software continues to evolve to transform business, the old way of developing in protected silos no longer works. We are in a new dynamic and agile reality where companies must move to a mindset that IT is not a “remote department” that can implement tools bursts, but instead IT is an integral part of the business itself where development teams are operating in a constant feedback loop with customers.

This continuous delivery model has led to some very good open source solutions that allows for numerous benefits, including security, scalability, and manageability for a wide range of enterprises, and particularly for the most business-critical deployments.  One innovator in the space that caught our eye, CloudBees, is building on the strength of the popular Jenkins CI by delivering new software and updates with lower risk through future-forward processes that underpin continuous delivery

Earlier this year CloudBees, the Jenkins Enterprise Company, joined the expanding cloud ecosystem of leading technology companies that now offer services and applications on Verizon’s next-generation cloud computing and cloud storage platform, Verizon Cloud.

Announced last October and now in public beta, Verizon Cloud includes an IaaS platform, Verizon Cloud Compute, and an object-based storage service, Verizon Cloud Storage, that are built for the enterprise but nimble enough to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, individual IT departments and software developers.

CloudBees' vice president of business development, Andrew Lee, noted, "With CloudBees' remarkable growth and demonstrated track record of delivering PaaS as a true service, we're eager to bring our value to Verizon's next-generation cloud offering. CloudBees is also covering the entire application delivery lifecycle which is a more complete solution for enterprise organizations on Verizon Cloud."

In March 2014, Verizon Ventures led CloudBees' Series C financing round, bringing their total funding to $25.7 million. You can check out CloudBees' announcement about the funding for more information.

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