October 14, 2014

Verizon Ventures Invests $5M in Radio Frequency Innovator Newlans, Inc.

As LTE networks continue to expand, more frequency bands are added to mobile phones. Every band requires hardware known as a duplexer, so it has become a challenge for handset manufacturers to continue to cram more of these duplexers into the RF module of the phone. Newlans is working to develop a programmable duplexer that would be able to support multiple frequency bands, and ultimately replace multiple parts with one.

The goal is to reduce the size and costs of the RF module in mobile handsets, and potentially improve the overall performance of the phone as a result. It’s a potential boon for everyone in the ecosystem including operators and handset manufacturers.

One upcoming development for this technology involves programmable and tunable RF components that will make more robust and versatile electronics products for the consumer and government markets.

Read more about how Newlans' technology works in this VentureBeat article, and view their press release announcement for the investment details.

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