November 14, 2014

Apio Develops the Next Generation of Situational Awareness for Drivers with $5 million Series A Round

Whether you are the driver, passenger or pedestrian, safety on the road is a top priority for everyone. Fortunately we live in a world where new technological innovations continue to make us safer. Apio Systems stands out as a pioneering company in this space. The Apio team has advanced technology expertise in both mobile and transportation, as well as the vision to create a powerful and accessible mobile safety solution that is poised to disrupt the way we communicate about automobile safety 

Apio Systems is creating a proprietary mobile-based platform, delivered as a service via the cloud, that uses everyday smartphones and tablets to provide Situational Awareness™ to drivers.  Apio enables drivers to be highly aware of their driving environment in order to avoid problems, improve safety and efficiency, lower the costs of everyday transportation, and improve the driving experience. Their patent-pending technology harnesses powerful sensors in smart devices to sense and communicate a broad range of road and driving conditions that is augmented by other data to deliver real-time, relevant alerts that help safeguard the driver.

We are proud to announce that we have just led the company’s $5 million series A funding round, and one good reason is because of the caliber of their team. Comprised of leading experts from the automotive, aerospace, software, and consumer application industries, these skilled technologists are melding their expertise, creativity and vision to bring significant change to the way we think about transportation safety.

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