November 6, 2014

Technology Evolution and Dealmaking in the New Media Landscape

With a decade of experience investing in startups, Verizon Ventures has developed an approach that connects the market opportunity and Verizon resources, with entrepreneurs' need for product R&D, sales channels, strategic marketing, and commercialization. The combined forces of our Venture Development professionals with our investment transaction experts allow us to shape our strategy based on changes in the market, but also align with the changing needs of our customers, because enhancing the user experience is one of our guiding principles.

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a panel at Landmark Ventures’ annual Media Tech Summit called “Dealmaking in the New Media Landscape.” During the panel I was asked about changes in Verizon Ventures investment strategy over the years, and indeed, as the tech world landscape rapidly changes our investment approach continues to evolve as well. To think, just seven years ago there were no iPhones or Android devices! It’s a new media landscape now and so we examine our opportunities differently, for example shifting from investing in established, mature companies to looking more closely at earlier-stage tech companies. 

One disruptive business model that continues to emerge is the collaborative economy. Who can imagine a modern day world without services that allow individuals to become entrepreneurs like Uber and Airbnb?  We know some customers seek out these services based on cost, and others based on an enhanced experience. Just as these companies have sought to address old problems with new technologies, we are always thinking about ways to adapt and fit into new business models that meet customer needs.

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