March 18, 2015

Top 3 Majors of the Verizon Ventures Team

When it comes to venture capitalists, it takes startups more than a power lunch and persuasive jargon to garner our attention. We live in the age of disruption where innovative technologies are popping up left and right. The pool of VCs and corporate VCs that can catapult these startups into the marketplace vary, but what sets these investors apart from one another?

What venture capitalists choose to invest in not only aligns with their respective firm, but also is an extension of the individual and the ideas or solutions they believe are market moving. When I look at the team at Verizon Ventures, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of overlap with our educational backgrounds.

For startups looking to connect, do your homework. Find out what the firm focuses on, and more importantly find out a little more about the investor’s educational background. If you have a highly technical product, then don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper with a venture capitalist that’s been schooled in that field. What’s more? You may even uncover that you share the same alma mater or have followed similar paths.

So how does the Verizon Ventures team shake out? First, the number of team members with a Bachelor’s degree on our team is sixteen. Not far behind, is the number of team members with Master’s degrees, coming in at fifteen. Here’s what we studied.


Top 3 majors: 

1. Business and Economics – 12 team members

Handshake (2)

2. Finance  – 9 team members

Calculator (1)

3. Engineering – 6 team members

Circuit Board (1)

It’s no surprise that business, economics, and finance make up the majority of our team’s educational backgrounds. But what does stand out is the fact that we have four team members on our team who pursued engineering degrees in conjunction with their business or finance degree. I’d like to think this gives us a competitive edge since we’re able to provide our portfolio companies with in-depth technical insights as we guide them through their early stages.

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