April 10, 2015

A Marathon Three Days at Launch Festival

Verizon Ventures director Dave Famolari sits with Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover at the AMA Stage

In-between hosting events with Kiip and AdTheorent at SXSW and traveling to the west coast for our partnership with The Hive, the past month has been filled with both new and familiar faces. It’s important to the Verizon Ventures team that we stay connected with the startup and investor community and a major way we can pursue meaningful engagement is through the events we sponsor. Sure it’s nice to have your logo noticed by more than 11,000 attendees and 250 startups, but partnering with conferences goes beyond the shiny banners. Sponsoring this year’s Launch Festival allowed us to get a front row seat for provocative industry discussions, as well as connect with innovators and co-investors, and share our investment initiatives with the community.

It felt like a marathon, but a few highlights from Launch Festival stood out:

Dave Famolari’s AMA: In addition to sharing how startups and financial VCs can best work with Verizon Ventures, Dave also provided specific insights on a few new platforms that are poised to take off in the near future: UAVs and aerial robots are showing themselves to be tremendous sources of data collection with numerous applications from precision agriculture to entertainment and cinema. You can catch Dave’s talk and his thoughts on sectors Verizon is planning to invest here.

Peter Thiel’s fireside chat: From the fear of machine intelligence to the legalization of marijuana, Peter didn’t hold back on some up-and-coming trends and debates in the tech industry. You can watch the video here.

Jeff Weiner’s key principles that make up a world-class tech product: Jeff gave a packed crowd of entrepreneurs and investors five characteristics, with examples, that separate not so great products from standouts like Waze, Sonos and Tesla. You can watch the video here.

“Diamond in the Rough” award winner VideoStitch: Virtual reality is favorite topic among many at Verizon Ventures, so naturally we loved the idea behind VideoStitch. The real-life, virtual reality software takes out the pre-recorded aspect that we’re familiar with and “teleports” the viewer to anywhere in the world, live. You can watch the video here.

We always love hearing about what's coming next and meeting talented entrepreneurs with ideas that are taking tech innovation to new frontiers. Check our events page for a list of where you can find us in the coming months – we look forward to connecting with you.

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