January 25, 2016

Accelerating the Rate of 5G Innovation with New Portfolio Kumu Networks

At Verizon, we seek to innovate and develop future technologies that can bring our mobile and wireless network solutions to the next level. Although LTE and WiFi services have come a long way in the past decade, there are still imperfections in the existing wireless spectrum that prevent information from being simultaneously transmitted and received on the same frequency. Achieving greater spectral efficiency and boosting network capacity will address critical challenges facing next generation networks like 5G, which will will undoubtedly see massive growth in wireless and other connected industries.

Last week we announced our investment in Kumu Networks, a Bay Area-based company that started in 2012 as a doctoral project by Stanford University students. With its full-duplex wireless design, Kumu Networks is solving a big challenge in wireless communications that limits a network’s full capacity potential, which is the inability to transmit and receive overlapping signals using a single frequency channel. The company specializes in Self-Interference Cancellation, which eliminates “unwanted” energy that leaks into a radio’s receiver while transmitting. This enables the potential to double spectral efficiency and ultimately become an addition to future 5G standards. Network densification is key to addressing the ever-increasing demand for wireless data, thus removing the self-interference barrier can dramatically improve Wi-Fi download and upload speeds.

As mobile applications and cross communication between devices in our connected world become more innovative, so too will the network it relies on. As Kumu Networks looks ahead to 5G, we look forward to their continued growth as they work to commercialize their technology for near-term applications in the wireless ecosystem.


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