January 12, 2016

Venture Forums: Getting the Birds-Eye View of How Industries Are Shaped and Formed

We take tremendous pride in hosting our Venture Forum events a few times each year. They gather leading executives from startups, venture capital firms, and corporate peers to discuss topics shaping the year’s tech and business landscape. Not only do they provide Verizon early access to innovation and introduce our business unit leaders to great companies on the rise, but the lively discussions set the stage for investment opportunities in trending sectors.

Last month, we closed out our third Venture Forum of the year focused on Industrial IoT, with topics that included smart cities, cybersecurity, and connectivity. It’s a major focus that follows on the heels of our previous IoT focused Forum, with key takeaways including how Verizon stays informed on the latest technologies driving impactful solutions and how the company aligns its IoT strategy with new applications emerging outside of Verizon’s core businesses. Learn how insightful panels and startup fast pitches are taking Verizon to the forefront of innovation.


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