March 10, 2016

Infographic: Verizon Ventures Investments & Growth in 2015

2015 was a momentous year for Verizon Ventures across the board, culminating in more deals than ever before. Many of our 10 new portfolio companies reflect our commitment to investing in young, up-and coming industries that are primed to have a huge impact. A great example is our Series A investment in, a startup that is bringing on-demand, Uber-like convenience to roadside assistance. We also participated in Skyward’s seed round to help the startup build critical infrastructure that is required as commercial UAVs become more widely used. 2015 saw huge growth in the IoT and Verizon Ventures continued to invest in companies like Filament to help bring this technology to the masses in practical use cases. Momentum continues in 2016, as three new investments in exciting startups – Mitú, Kumu Networks, and Veniam – have already been announced since the start of the new year. As you can see from our graphic below, our portfolio is heavily based in the U.S., but expands worldwide to areas like Israel, France, Norway, and Japan.

Aside from investment activity, Verizon Ventures hosted and sponsored a series of events throughout the year, including three of our signature Venture Forums covering topics like consumer and industrial IoT, as well as virtual reality, media, and entertainment. Last but not least, Verizon Ventures welcomed three new members to our team: Christie Pitts came on board after 10 years at Verizon and is now part of the Venture Development team. Paul Heitlinger was previously with Verizon Digital Media Services and will work on entering new markets in the tech, media, and finance spaces. Marah Deininger also joins the Venture Development team after previously serving as the technical lead for the Verizon Innovation Center in San Francisco.

Check out our Year in Review infographic for more 2015 highlights: 

2015-Verizon -Infographic -031016

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