July 6, 2016

Accelerating Mobility Innovation with Techstars

I love working with forward-thinking founders and helping shape their future. One of the opportunities I have to do this is with the 2016 class for Techstars’ Mobility program, which focuses on the rapidly changing mobility and transportation industry. Composed of startups seeking to power the efficient movement of people, goods, and services across all modes of transportation, this year’s class will graduate from the program on September 8 by presenting their solutions at Demo Day in Detroit, Michigan.

Most recently, the Verizon team took part in mentorship week where each of the participating companies spent time with all of the corporate sponsors including Verizon, Ford, Magna, Dana, Honda, McDonald’s, Munich Re, and Michelin. It was great to hear not only the challenges that they’re facing and where Verizon can help, but also the successes they’ve achieved in the short time they’ve been in the program.

Hand-selected from nearly 500 applications across six continents, here are the 12 participating companies bringing forward innovative solutions in ride-sharing, safety, autonomy, and more.

  • Acerta provides machine-assisted anomaly detection and root-cause analysis. Based in Waterloo, the company can predict future failures.
  • Algocian delivers state-of-the-art video analytics for security and autonomous vehicles. Based in Toronto, Algocian can make any camera smart.
  • Braiq works to personalize the self-driving car by reading human emotion. The company was spun out of Columbia University.
  • Cargo is a data-driven general store for the ride-sharing economy.
  • Donut Media is a digital media company for millennial and Gen Z car enthusiasts. The company produces unique videos of cars to be shared on social media.
  • Drive Spotter offers real-time video search for fleet management.
  • GoKid delivers complete carpool solutions for busy families.
  • HAAS Alert is a connected notification platform that warns motorists when emergency vehicles are approaching.
  • HERO is an app that rewards safe behavior and helps impaired drivers get home safely.
  • Rally is a platform that allows for pop-up mass transit in high-occupancy vehicles.
  • Spatial is based in Cincinnati and provides a dynamic, human-driven layer of social intelligence for maps and navigation.
  • Voyhoy is a multimodal transportation-booking platform in Latin America and Europe.

With a quality group of startups tackling an array of next-gen mobility solutions, I can’t wait for the final Demo Day taking place on September 8th to see how these companies shape up and prepare their businesses for commercialization. 


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