July 8, 2016

How Filament Has Set the Foundation for the Industrial Internet

As the IoT matures into what’s projected to be a $1 trillion dollar industry by 2020, we remain highly interested in new technologies in this sector. Last August we invested in Filament, a company that is focused on building IoT applications for industrial settings. Not long ago, Filament published a white paper that clearly describes the open technology stack that they’ve been hard at work building. Titled “Foundations for the Next Economic Revolution,” the paper goes into great detail about:

  • How Filament’s entirely decentralized network allows devices to communicate and interact in completely voluntary and secure ways.
  • Why Filament’s open technology stack could revolutionize the industrial Internet
  • The five principles of the SPADE framework in which Filament’s technology stack is built
  • The core features of Filament technologies - communicating with other devices, discovering their identities and capabilities, negotiating interactions, and exchanging value.

 Download the white paper and learn more about this fascinating company here


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