August 24, 2016

This Month in AgTech News

With innovation transforming all technology sectors, it’s no wonder Silicon Valley has taken an interest in the agriculture industry. Dozens of AgTech startups are striving to get to the root of the problem and incorporate ag into the digital arena. From tracking fuel usage to assessing crop health, farmers are investing in technology that can accelerate their businesses, decrease their carbon footprint, and in turn feed the world.

Here are some of the top news stories from the AgTech industry this month: 

Six Ways Drones Are Revolutionizing Agriculture

Drones have moved into the agricultural sphere, with a market estimated at $32.4 billion in the industry. Drone-powered tech offers a variety of solutions for optimizing the crop cycle, from heat-detecting irrigation systems to soil analysis. The future of drones features higher-defined cameras and machine autonomy, all steering toward a more efficient ag business structure.

Is There an AgTech Bubble?

Startups taking a closer look at the fundamental needs of small-production farms may be the answer to closing the gap between supply and demand of agricultural technology. Practicality is critical within this industry, where adopting all-new technology is a huge investment for farmers that wholly depend on crop yield for income. The focus that backs forward-thinking research should always be asking the question of how a new technology can positively impact all parties involved.

Technology Is Making Huge Changes In The World Of Agriculture

The Forbes Agtech Summit in July created discussion among farmers, food distributors, and industry influencers seeking to positively disrupt the AgTech world. This article features an ag family pushing the limits on innovation and the work of an AgTech startup creating a more efficient system for pest control. The startup’s technology estimates pest populations and identifies critters with real-time data as a preventative measure for future pest disturbances.

Hacking the farm: How farmers use 'digital agriculture' to grow more crops

Merging agriculture and technology in a way that makes understanding data and sequentially improving farming practices backs up a substantial investment in AgTech. A company tackling the task of moving data from the farm into the cloud has created an app for prioritizing duties and monitoring various projects at a time. An investment in their technology pays off with a theoretical prediction of 315% increase in crop yield. 


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