September 28, 2016

Announcing the 2016 Class For Techstars’ Internet of Things Program

"The Verizon team was first introduced into the Techstars eco-system as mentors for the companies. Fast forward a few years, Verizon is now not only an investors in the companies, but also an official partner for the IoT program,” - Jenny Fielding, Managing Director of Techstars IoT. 

We are proud of the symbiotic relationship we have with built with Techstars over the past few years and look forward to providing insight as well as resources that can help entrepreneurs navigate the business landscape. Back in April, we announced the call for applications for Techstars’ IoT program and after vetting through hundreds of applications the past few months, today I’m thrilled to announce the 2016 class composed of 10 startups. 

From drones to construction and healthcare, this year’s participants are rewiring the infrastructure in their respective verticals.

  • Dronesmithenables developers to build, ship and run drone applications, parse and analyze data, create custom missions and update paths midflight.
  • Nanotech Galaxyuses deep learning to analyze medical images at scale and provide personalized patient data to make healthcare organizations proactive instead of reactive.
  • Urban 3Dis based in Brazil and enables the “Internet of Concrete” through a new method of production to fabricate infrastructure and housing.
  • Pillar Technologies’ IoT sensor networks provides insights and prevents disasters by offering predictive analytics for safety concerns like fire outbreak, water damage, and mold growth.
  • Fueloyalis looking to cut down fuel theft and fuel card misuse for trucking companies with smart fuel caps that provide real-time updates and keep an honest count.
  • TEQ Chargingis creating the world’s first power strip for electric vehicles, connecting individual power systems to channel energy where it’s needed. Cars stay plugged in throughout the day and drivers use their Android or iOS app to let the system know when they need power.
  • Mosaic Manufacturingis reinventing 3D printing with Palette, a printer add-on device that cuts, calculates and creates a single feed of PLA delivered through one nozzle.
  • Union Crateis a predictive solution that digitizes the outdated supply chain infrastructure with a modular system that uses machine learning to securely analyze multiple data points, automate logistics, purchasing and predict usage.
  • Xapix.iois an open platform making it easy for enterprise API developers to recombine endpoints, integrate and recombine data and services from multiple providers.
  • LosantWordPress-style platform empowers IoT developers to create programs, connect devices, manage analytics and anything else they can dream up. 

As we welcome another Techstars class, we look forward to working alongside fellow partners PwC, Bosch, GE and SAP as mentors to help accelerate the pace of innovation. 

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