October 20, 2016

Advancing Smart Building Management with Artificial Intelligence, Verdigris Joins the Verizon Ventures Portfolio

In an age of constant connectivity, monitoring remote data in large, complex systems is more important than ever. At Verizon Ventures, we’ve seen connected-intelligent solutions with machine learning and IoT capabilities, such as Veniam with traffic management or SparkCognition curbing cyber attacks, play a critical role in decision-making. As we look to find and help scale revolutionary data solutions, I’m proud to announce our investment in Verdigris, a company paving the way for more responsive commercial building operations.

Verdigris combines proprietary hardware sensors, machine learning and software to understand the energy patterns of a building (Click To Tweet). Their algorithms identify overused or faulty equipment that leads to wasteful consumption and securely send this data from a building’s circuits (over Wi-Fi or Verizon 4G/LTE) to the cloud. The software produces comprehensive reports detailing energy usage and maintenance information, which gives engineers and property managers the ability to run their facilities more effectively. For large commercial buildings and hotels, having an “itemized utility bill” can lead to tremendous annual energy savings. Customers can also track what’s happening in their building in real time with Einstein, Verdigris’ new IoT smart sensor and metering solution.

Our investment in Verdigris is a natural step for us and aligns with our efforts to support entrepreneurs seeking ways to make IoT solutions accessible, as we’ve seen with Verizon’s ThingSpace platform. We look forward to supporting their continued growth as they scale their solution to make our society cleaner and more energy efficient.


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