October 5, 2016

This Month in AdTech

Advertising has become an innovative part of our economy, reaching new audiences through native platforms and unprecedented creativity. Although the mainstream advertising industry had its boom in the 1950’s, now is the time for an ad tech push with emerging digital formats like virtual reality and 360-degree video. The ability to more accurately target key audiences through huge sums of data than ever before and the capability to match the user experience as the market shifts prove ad tech to be an industry worth investing in.

Here are some of the top news stories from the ad tech industry this month:

Ad Tech Companies Are Testing New Formats Like Virtual Reality and 360 Video

With brands jumping at the chance to showcase VR and 360 video, the ad tech industry is sure to see a boom in business as a result of the high demand of innovative formats. While the world has yet to witness an entirely virtual full-feature film, Lionsgate premiered its VR promotional trailer with the third installment of The Blair Witch Project and Hong Kong Airlines exhibited their business class cabin with a fiercely successful 360-degree video ad campaign. The key to these platforms will be to maintain a quality narrative while testing revolutionary video technology.

How digital advertising can learn from progress elsewhere

Looking at advertising technology from the user experience perspective may just be the key to achieving a model digital payments system. Just as on-demand services like Uber have created seamless user experiences in their apps, the digital advertising space cannot disregard incorporating online shoppers through an understanding of their purchasing behaviors. MarketingTech dissects the evident ad tech transition towards mobile and native formats.

Maximizing data in a world gone “Madtech”

A relatively swift transition towards mobile-centric platforms signifies a corresponding transition for ad tech companies, who will ultimately benefit from additional platforms to market. Social media and other populated sites offer a unique situation where marketers have the ability to measure and target core audiences with data-driven research. Advertising campaigns, as they relate to the growing number of platforms, require strategy to tackle the specific cases of shopping cart abandonment and downloaded app inactivity.

Ad Tech And Building Trust: Lessons From Fin Tech

Providing breathtaking creative services is just one aspect of triumphantly succeeding in ad tech industry. However, the industry needs to be proactive in assessing the weaknesses that are typically associated with it. Advertising and financing share a common dilemma: these industries historically lack overwhelming trust, especially with the addition of bots and ad-blockers to the market. Experts on the digital revolution of media offer their two cents on the value of proper communication, as demonstrated more recently by the fin tech industry. Key suggestions include humble self-identification, upfront transparency, and increased customer service.


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