December 16, 2016

2017 Sports Tech Predictions: OTT Video, VR & More

As 2016 draws to a close, the Verizon Ventures team took time to reflect on various tech sectors that experienced momentum, took a back seat, or are on the verge of unleashing their true potential. Here’s what we see happening in sports in 2017:

Sports tech boosts fan engagement

“With organizations like the NBA leading the way in new innovation, sports technology will continue its growth and see more developments around image recognition, wearables and sensors, and sports analytics (Click to Tweet). Fan engagement tech (such as VR or second screen experiences) will also improve, and automated production solutions (i.e. no production crew) will enable low cost OTT video streaming that amateur and college sports can take advantage of.”

- Paul Heitlinger

Closing the gap between pros and fans

“Technology used to track, train, record and analyze pro sports are steadily being commoditized and made available to the masses. Whether it’s advanced automated video production, contextualized highlights, sophisticated athlete training tools, or smart recreational spaces, the tools available for pro athletes are becoming accessible to the recreational and youth athlete. While little league games may never have the same media sophistication as the big leagues, the gap is closing rapidly with these technologies.”

- David Famolari

eSports goes traditional

“Traditional real-world sports like football, baseball and basketball will have a more meaningful presence in the world of eSports. In addition, all of eSports (i.e. multiplayer online battle arena, role-playing games and traditional titles) will look for tools to find and frame the drama for spectators. This includes better analytics, stronger narratives, director’s cuts and commentary. By creating stronger emotional connections between eSports action and the audience, eSports will begin to see mainstream adoption (Click to Tweet).”

- David Famolari

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