December 16, 2016

2017 VR, Media and Content Predictions: Lower Costs, AR Adoption & More

As 2016 draws to a close, the Verizon Ventures team took time to reflect on various tech sectors that have experienced momentum, took a back seat, or are on the verge of unleashing their true potential. Here’s what we see happening in VR, Media and Content in 2017:

Content adapts to new platforms

"As 4K/UHD television prices continue to decline and become mainstream, the amount of 4K content production will finally take off. OTT video platforms are now mainstream, and 2017 will bring further vertical integration in the industry as media companies go direct to consumer - leading to even more content fragmentation. The amount of in-house content production increases, leading to more frustration from consumers as they try to find where to watch relevant content. The Apple TV app is supposed to help with making content access easier, but not all content providers will participate, negating the supposed benefits. While I’d like to see personalized video content creation (and personalized virtual linear channels) emerge in 2017, the space will likely stay nascent for a while."

— Paul Heitlinger

AR catches up

“While untethered VR solutions will appear in the market, there won’t be a lot of new VR innovation other than new content for current platforms. On the other hand, AR will see some traction, especially if there is adoption with Google’s Project Tango and Magic Leap unveils their product next year.” 

— Paul Heitlinger

Lower costs for VR headsets and practical use cases

“This year was notable for the explosion in high-end VR viewers with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Oculus developing their own headsets. However, most of the hardware is still fairly expensive. In 2017, we will see an explosion of lower-cost VR headsets largely coming out of China (Click to Tweet). More significantly, we will also see the introduction of serialized episodic VR content that captures the imagination of the mainstream population, thus elevating VR content beyond a niche audience base. We should also anticipate non-entertainment based VR use cases capturing the imagination, such as VR in commerce based environments.” 

— Suresh Madhavan

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