December 1, 2016

November Portfolio News: Swiftmile, Kinvey, Sparkcognition, Urban Airship, and Veniam

Our portfolio companies span a wide range of technology sectors and are constantly in the news for funding announcements, awards, product innovations, and thought leadership.

Here are some of the top news stories from our portfolio companies this past month:


Verizon announced a pilot project with solar-powered bike-sharing company Swiftmile on Friday to aid commuters in Santa Clara County, Calif. The Internet of Things-based program was initially designed to help Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority workers commute short distances to and from work using one of Swiftmile’s four ebikes.

Kinvey is Top Ranked for Current Offering in The Forrester Wave: Mobile Development Platforms 4Q2016!

Kinvey ranked higher than any other vendor for their current offering in The Forrester Wave: Mobile Development Platforms, 4Q2016 report. The competition included a “Who’s Who” of the enterprise software arena: IBM, Oracle, AWS, Red Hat, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce and others.

Kinvey’s success is largely due to its outstanding developer experience, and its vision for this space is on par with the most forward-looking and aggressive companies in the market. The platform accelerates developer output and is now putting a heavy focus on doing the same for operations teams with advanced analytics, termed ‘operational intelligence.’

Kinvey has evolved from its early focus on individual developers as well as small and medium-size businesses, and now has both a business edition (priced one app at a time) and an enterprise edition without a cap on mobile experiences.

Download the full report here.


SparkCognition Featured in Business News Daily: 6 Incredible Ways Businesses are Using Artificial Intelligence Today

“Markets can be manipulated and, unfortunately, humans are constantly trying to come up with new ways to do so,” explains Amir Husain, founder and CEO of SparkCognition. “The idea behind AI-based monitoring is to a) know about all the existing methods of market manipulation and guard against those and b) to learn about new forms of market manipulation and alert analysts to potential abuse.”

“Better oversight and protection to prevent manipulation helps everyone, including the institution in whose name a lone actor may be engaging in illegal and improper trading practices,” says Husain. “If you are a business owner … [of a] publicly traded [company], AI-based surveillance systems will protect you by preventing scenarios where your stock is used in a scam. If you are an average investor, these systems will give you more reason to trust the value of your portfolio.”


Urban Airship launches two messaging APIs, support for Apple News notifications

Urban Airship has announced the launch of Open Channels and Open Profiles, two new APIs that are designed to help deliver significant customer messages at the right time, on the right platform.

The new APIs allow for personalized messaging to any platform, device, or marketing channel and integrate with real-time customer data from any system. The APIs are also supported by the Urban Airship platform, which sends over 1 billion app notifications and collects 10 billion user attributes every day. This usage data provides the basis for highly personalized messaging, and paired with the new APIs will allow developers and marketers to coordinate lightweight notifications and integrate them into any experience.

In addition to the API announcements, Urban Airship has announced support for Apple News notifications, making it the first platform to do so. Apple News notifications are one of the news-oriented features added in iOS 10, and allow Apple users to receive notifications from major publications. The feature also adds support for web notifications and uses machine learning to help predict app users who are likely to churn.


StarHub, Veniam create connected vehicle mesh network in Singapore

Singaporean telecommunications company StarHub has signed a collaboration agreement with Veniam, a California-headquartered startup that builds Wi-Fi mesh networks using moving vehicles, to expand wireless coverage in Singapore.

Under the agreement, Veniam will turn thousands of vehicles in Singapore into mobile Wi-Fi hotspots using StarHub’s 4G and fiber infrastructure. The companies will also collect user data and share it with the government, which will use it to derive insights and drive decisions.

The collaboration agreement will see Veniam deploying its technology at city-scale — connecting buses, taxis, and autonomous vehicles. It will also collect terabytes of data, which the companies say will contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative launched in 2014 to boost the nation’s technology sector.

Veniam’s technology, which consists of a small device called the Net Rider, and software that optimize the flow of data from one node to the other and from there to internet infrastructure, has also been deployed in New York and Porto, Portugal. 

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