January 19, 2017

7 Tech Companies That Want to Help You Achieve & Maintain Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you enjoy making New Year’s resolutions, you know that the first month goes well and then things start to creep (or sprint) downhill. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all by yourself; technology can help keep us accountable for the resolutions we’ve made. Here are some examples from the Verizon portfolio, and companies backed by Verizon investment partners BBG Ventures and Nautilus, of how technology can help you carry your resolutions all the way through 2017 (and beyond):

  • Keep focused: If you, like many, find yourself experiencing information and notification overload, consider how wearables can help. Ringly’s smart jewelry is a fashionable but functional way to filter your notifications. After you choose which notifications are most important to you, Ringly will subtly alert you to anything urgent coming through while holding off on nonessential communication. Ringly is also equipped with fitness tracking for those looking to hit their daily 10,000 steps.

  • Make eco-friendly choice: When it comes to tackling the first and last mile of your commute, considerbeing kinder to the earth this year by taking advantage of alternate transportation solutions. Bay Area residents can utilize Swiftmile, an eBike share system designed to make local transportation faster and easier. Simply locate a Swiftmile solar-powered charging station through the Swiftapp, then reserve and unlock a bike to be on your way. Swiftbikes are motorized, but if you want more of a workout, you can turn off the motor and start pedaling. The app tracks all of your activity and creates a summary view with stats about your trip.

  • Build your confidence: Need a confidence boost this year? Get a daily dose of can-do with Shine, which sends a motivational message via text or Facebook Messenger every morning based around five areas of well-being. Each message includes an inspirational message, photo, or GIF to put you in a mindset for success. You can also set goals and track your progress, making Shine a great tool for any other resolutions you might have. Shine was built to tackle the confidence gap for professional millennial women, but anyone can benefit from a little extra encouragement.

  • Get a job you love: For college students on the job hunt this year or mid-career employees looking for a change, Pymetrics is a unique addition to your job search arsenal. Pymetrics matches candidates to their ideal career through fun, but scientifically-backed neuroscience games, then sends their profile to potential employers. What’s more, the games are specifically designed to eliminate the kinds of bias prevalent in standardized testing and other forms of assessment, meaning that everyone’s on the same playing field from the start. With Pymetrics, you’ll find not only a great job, but a job that fits your strengths and goals for your career.

  • Stay on top of your health: Fitness, health, and well-being encapsulate many of our New Year’s resolutions. Lots of tech has come out to help with fitness goals, but what about other aspects of your health, like recovering from an injury? CaptureProof gives you unprecedented control over your health by allowing you to take photographs of your symptoms and send them to your medical care team. Your doctor can assess how an injury is healing over time, even help you track a chronic condition, or even make diagnostic decisions based on the data CaptureProof collects. Ask your doctor today if he or she uses CaptureProof in their practice or if they would consider making it part of their care program.

  • Travel more on a budget: If you want to travel more this year but have a tight budget, Splitty can help. It’s hard to find hotel deals during peak travel times, but Splitty can help you reduce the cost by splitting your stay into multiple bookings. If you don’t mind changing rooms once or twice over the course of your stay, take advantage of Splitty to utilize hotel savings for the next trip.

  • Tackle home repairs: Whether it’s a creaky door or room in dire need of remodeling, get on top of your home repairs with ClipCall, the app that connects you with handymen and construction professionals. With ClipCall, there’s no need for quote visits from each provider; just post your project, collect quotes from interested professionals, and hire the one you like best.

Technology can be a powerful tool for success, and I hope you’ve learned some new applications for that technology in your daily life. Good luck on your New Year’s resolutions!

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