February 10, 2017

Inside the Portfolio: Beamr's Diverse Environment of Experiences & Perspectives

This installment of ‘Inside the Portfolio’ takes a look at video optimization startup Beamr and its highly collaborative and diverse company culture spanning three different offices, countries, and time zones.

A few years ago, serial entrepreneur Sharon Carmel noticed a growing need for more efficient high bandwidth video storage and delivery systems, and set out to create a solution. He developed a proprietary technology that allows video distribution companies to encode extremely high quality video as fast as possible, and that’s when Beamr was born. Since its launch in 2009, Beamr has successfully created a buffer-free viewing experience — think low file sizes and amazing picture quality at a reduced cost (Click to Tweet).

The Beamr Balance

While Beamr’s team of seasoned engineers and serial entrepreneurs are constantly working to improve and enhance their encoding and optimization technology, the company understands that a balance of hard work and fun is crucial to keeping their employees happy. With offices in Tel Aviv, Saint Petersburg and Palo Alto, employees come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds which ultimately creates a diverse environment of experiences and perspectives. Employees are held to a high degree of excellence, but they also have the freedom to indulge in their hobbies and have been known to leave the office to go windsurfing at the beach. In this unique self-starter environment, employees can self-manage and work remotely at their own discretion. Beamr recognizes that a trusting and collaborative culture, devoid of strict office rules, not only fuels creativity and productivity, but also helps attract top industry talent (Click to Tweet).

Camaraderie from the Kitchen to the Desert

Since the team is spread out in offices across the world, Beamr’s company-wide offsites bring the entire company together and foster camaraderie among colleagues and management. Past team building exercises include a cooking class followed by a communal dinner and a sand buggy trip in the desert outside of Tel Aviv. These memorable company outings are aligned with Beamr’s core values of balancing productivity and fun. And the greatest perk of all? Every employee gets bragging rights that they work for the “real” Pied Piper since Beamr’s technology is similar to that of the fictional startup on HBO’s hit series Silicon Valley! 

Interested in working at Beamr?

Beamr has some exciting career opportunities at their Tel Aviv and St. Petersburg locations:

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