June 28, 2017

Introducing Verizon Ventures Israel

Verizon Ventures prides itself in backing many of the world’s best entrepreneurs and startups who are bringing technical innovation to the connected world. Much of today’s innovation comes from Israel, where thousands of startup companies are creating new technologies and services that are challenging  the status quo and changing markets everyday.  We believe that this is an incredibly important market and while Verizon has invested in Israel in the past, we’ve never had a team of dedicated professionals working on the ground who are deeply integrated into this tight community of entrepreneurs and investors. With $10 billion in 2016 exits in 104 deals with 93 M&As, 8 buyouts and 3 IPOs (according to IVC), the time is now to make a real commitment to the community and make more and larger investments in “Startup Nation.”

Today, we’re happy to announce the establishment of Verizon Ventures Israel. The office is led by Merav Rotem-Naaman, the former Head of Nautilus, AOL’s Israeli investment and scouting arm, who will be joined by Roni Burrell, a former investment director at Nautilus. Both Merav and Roni are well known and respected investors who’ve done a phenomenal job over the years backing and supporting startups and entrepreneurs across Israel.  They, along with Nautilus veteran Gal Ringel, are already sourcing and investing in both early and late stage companies from offices in Tel Aviv that bring innovation to the sectors that benefit Verizon customers and society at large.

We could not be more excited to have them on the Verizon Ventures team and are thrilled to welcome them to the Verizon family.

Learn more about our growing portfolio here.

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