January 24, 2018

CEO Center Stage: Michael Chasen, CEO of PrecisionHawk

How has PrecisionHawk evolved over the past few years? What have you enjoyed most in your new role as CEO?

There is no shortage of passion at PrecisionHawk. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about serving as CEO of this company. It’s not lost on anyone that we are working in an industry that is right on the edge. This is a new wave of technology that will affect businesses in agriculture, insurance, construction, energy and government, along with many others, on a global scale. Our team has evolved to include dedicated professionals with deep backgrounds in drones, software and sensors as well as an understanding of how to deploy enterprise technology. This gives us the ability to provide a full custom solution that differentiates PrecisionHawk from any other provider of commercial drone technology.

What kind of business impact are your customers seeing today by working with PrecisionHawk?

What makes this job so interesting is that even though we have off-the-shelf capabilities for many industries we work in (agriculture, construction, insurance, energy, government), every client wants us to push the boundaries of what our product can do. That’s where our ability to bring a customizable and scalable solution to the table is hugely beneficial to an enterprise. It’s also the reason that PrecisionHawk has garnered relationships, grown its client base and earned continued support from leading strategic and financial investors. However, I know that we are just at the beginning of what can be accomplished.

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What business and tech trends do you expect to see in 2018?

We are going to see continued regulation in the drone space. These regulatory advancements will make it easier for companies to deploy drone technology. Over the next few years, drones will become more and more commonplace and will do everything from surveying, mapping and security to things like delivery, search and rescue and be able to solve real business problems that will make our world more prosperous and sustainable. 

What’s next for PrecisionHawk?

This industry really just began 18 months ago. In August 2016 the Federal Aviation Administration began allowing corporations to use drones for commercial purposes. Since then, PrecisionHawk has been the market leader in working with Fortune 500 companies to deploy drone technology. Through the continued support of our investors, like Verizon Ventures, we have an even greater opportunity to scale to be a global leader in this emerging space. 

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