March 26, 2018

CEO Center Stage: Jordan Parsons, CEO of Benbria

What challenge does Benbria solve? What is its business impact on customers?

Benbria solves two major challenges facing companies today: 1) Effectively managing the growing number of channels customers use to communicate and 2) Measuring the customer experience and collecting feedback in real-time.

In terms of messaging, Benbria’s Loop platform enables businesses to connect all of the channels their customers require for real-time support including e-mail, SMS, in-app messaging, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter Direct Messages. Our unified team inbox allows a business to receive and respond to these messages from a single application and is equipped with tools to help script responses, auto-route messages to various team members or departments based on topic, and more. For messaging, we help deliver consistency and efficiency to the process of responding to customer requests, regardless of the channel, while capturing customer sentiment.

Benbria is also a leader when it comes to measuring the customer experience and capturing the voice of the customer across the entire journey with a business. Our suite of measurement solutions allows businesses to gather quick feedback during key moments, both on-site and online. When a customer is dissatisfied, our platform can instantly alert key team members and mobilize them to respond and recover the customer before they can share their frustration on review sites or social media. Our customers relay on our measurement capabilities to understand their performance across the customer journey, identify opportunities to improve, as well as recover at-risk customers before they can negatively impact Net Promoter Scores.

What makes Benbria unique?

Benbria offers a fully developed messaging and measurement solution in one platform, which is very unique as most companies are focused on measurement and have a lightweight messaging solution or vice-versa. Benbria has developed a platform with an equally powerful suite of both messaging and measurement tools, which allows a business to truly engage customers more effectively from a single solution.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine in the back-end is another huge differentiator. It allows us to do all the amazing things with received messages in the Loop Inbox mentioned above. We can read the message, regardless of channel source, and understand the sentiment of the sender, the topic of discussion, and more. We can then auto-tag the conversation based on this intelligence to route the message instantly to the appropriate team member who can respond appropriately. We use the same NLP technology to run an array or reports and analytics on all messages and feedback gathered, which means businesses aren't just responding to customers more efficiently, they are learning of trending topics and issues to help you improve operations.

Combined with our low price point, we are providing an enterprise-grade solution to a segment of the market who could not afford the more complex solutions by major global technology firms.

You’ve been evolving omni-channel customer engagement for almost 10 years. Have you observed any trends in customer behavior?

The biggest change we’ve seen is the role customers play in defining the messaging channels businesses use. A few years ago, it was common for a business to dictate the channels a customer could use to voice a concern. Now, customers are moving to channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to reach out to a company or brand. This has changed the dynamic significantly and now companies are scrambling to find efficient ways to respond to all channels, as opposed to offering a select few. This is one area Benbria helps businesses cope - by giving them a tool to effectively manage this new customer-driven need to be available any time, on any channel.

How has the messaging app landscape evolved since you started?

Significantly. When we first started, business messaging was primarily web chat and limited to native apps and websites. As the industry evolved, we quickly added traditional channels such as email and SMS. And more recently, we’ve added Facebook Messenger and Twitter. With the growth of WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, and Telegram, our new focus is on the five billion users on these messaging apps and how we can take our unified inbox and use it to connect every channel.

How does Benbria's platform take a customer-first approach?

We have a term we use internally called “Intuitiv-ity”, which means that our solution needs to be easy and intuitive in terms of design. We focus on taking the complexity out of messaging by linking various channels and making the management of them consistent and clean. In addition, our platform is flexible. Businesses can start with e-mail, add SMS, and then continue adding other messaging solution as needed. There is no single approach we take when engaging a business with Loop.  

What’s on the horizon for Benbria in 2018?

A lot! We’re scaling the business online and through partners to increase our global reach. As part of our omni-channel strategy, we’re acquiring more new channels on a monthly or quarterly basis. We’re also becoming more open, meaning our customers and partners can build on top of our success and embed Loop into their products or services at various touchpoints in a self-service fashion. It’s very exciting and our team is energized by the opportunity!

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