March 14, 2018

VZV Podcast - Season 2, Ep. 2: College Campus Innovation (Part 2)

This week is our second part of a two part series about on campus innovation. In part two, we look at what’s working at college campuses to help students succeed. Specifically, we explore building relationships, what entrepreneurs do in the post-startup phase and how to manage a community of entrepreneurs.

Rei Wang, Director of Dorm Room Fund, a fund focused on investing in student entrepreneurs. Dorm Room Fund was started in 2010 and is the only fund 100% run by students. Dorm Room Fund’s mission is to help full-time students stay in school, while also becoming entrepreneurs.  

Lemu Coker, Partnerships Lead on the Open Innovation Team at Verizon. The Open Innovations Team works with campuses to bring college talent and insights into Verizon. Lemu looks for students who are entrepreneurial, but are looking for some support starting their own business to help Verizon build their products.

Mark Chung, CEO of Verdigris, which makes the world’s most high end energy monitoring system for commercial programs. Verdigris was formerly part of the Stanford Accelerator program, and is a Verizon Ventures portfolio company. 

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