April 2, 2018

VZV Podcast - Season 2, Ep. 4: The Evolution of CVCs (Part 2)

In week 4, we dive into Part 2 of our discussion on CVC investments and ask “is it better to invest in a company at the seed stage, or in the later stages?” We also discuss the difference in value between investing and acquiring a company.

Meredith Finn, Director of Salesforce Ventures, helps to lead investments in the US. Salesforce Ventures is the strategic investment arm of Salesforce.com. Salesforce Ventures has over 190 active investments across the enterprise SaaS space.

Marcelo Ballvé, Senior Research Director at CB Insights, helps clients predict technology trends. CB Insights recently authored a report on the history of Corporate Venture Capital. The report divides the history into 4 different waves of Corporate Venture Capital.

Listen to Episode 4:

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