April 9, 2018

VZV Podcast - Season 2, Ep. 5: Sports Tech’s Impact on the Fan & Athlete Experience (Part 1)

In this episode, we step into the world of sports tech and look at the innovations that are enhancing both the fan and athlete experience. We also discuss how augmented reality will bring fans closer to the action and what the future of fan engagement looks like.

LJ Rader, Product Manager for Verizon, working on the Smart Venues team. The team looks at how to build and innovate products alongside venues. Additionally, LJ looks at trends in the sports tech space to inform product development.

Jeff Angus, Marketing Director for our portfolio company Playsight, a player development platform that has fan engagement and coaching components. Playsight provides video content for athletes via high performance cameras installed at sports fields. The video connects with analytics to help players improve and develop. 

Listen to Episode 5:

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