June 12, 2018

Investing in the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Last March, Verizon Ventures invested in The Fabric, a co-creation foundry focusing on cloud and IoT infrastructure. More recently, lead investor and Verizon Ventures Director, Vijay Doradla, sat down with The Fabric to discuss the types of entrepreneurs Verizon Ventures is looking to connect with and the benefits of partnering with Verizon Ventures.

The interviews took shape in two videos for The Fabric’s “Spotlight” series. In the first, Doradla shares the attributes of the ideal entrepreneur - someone who possesses a hunger, passion and drive for their product and company, is willing to collaborate with Verizon Ventures to determine the best go-to market solutions, and has the ability to work with a Fortune 15 company.  

In the second video, Doradla discusses the benefits of working with Verizon Ventures and how entrepreneurs can partner with Verizon Ventures on a strategic level. As part of Verizon, a Fortune 15 company, Verizon Ventures has assets across the board ranging from cloud and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to financial systems. Verizon Ventures also looks to build long-term relationships and success, and has a deep expertise in the technology spaces they invest in.

Watch to learn more about the types of entrepreneurs we are looking to back and the benefits Verizon Ventures brings startups here:

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