January 22, 2020

A look ahead: Verizon Ventures’ 2020 predictions

With the rollout of 5G in 2019, technology is set to make great strides in the coming year.

Verizon Ventures’ team members took a look at current trends and rising technology to predict what’s to come in the year ahead. From AI’s automation of customer experience to technology that curbs climate change, here are thoughts from a few of our investors on what’s coming in 2020. 


The capabilities of 5G promise a wave of new technologies for the enterprise and the consumer:

“As 5G continues to roll out, new technologies will arise to capitalize on the benefits of increased bandwidth and lower latency, accelerating the efficiencies for both consumer and enterprise applications. Investments in 5G will rise and CVCs will be a main mechanism to provide opportunities - beyond capital -  for entrepreneurs to test, learn and succeed in the 5G ecosystem.” -Chris Bartlett, SVP of Corporate Development & Head of Verizon Ventures

Societal concern for climate change will drive businesses to address environmental sustainability:

“As climate change continues to drive public opinion, consumers will increasingly demand sustainable products and business practices, and venture capital firms will be expected to address both financial and societal concerns by investing in technologies that enable or incorporate new, more environmentally-friendly ways to do business. Plus, we’ll see corporations step up to address this societal desire, and back their claims with action plans.” -Michelle McCarthy, Managing Director of Verizon Ventures

Investors will flock to 5G as it increases in edge accessibility and performance:

“Investment dollars in the area of 5G will continue to rise, as 5G becomes increasingly accessible, especially in millimeter wave band, which delivers a superior 5G experience. This also means more innovation in the underlying 5G infrastructure, specifically in radio access and edge technologies.” -Samy Ben Aissa, Managing Director of Verizon Ventures

AI will continue to impact customer service and business operations as it continues to automate training and processes:

“The compute, modeling, training and operations layers of the AI tool chain will become increasingly automated. Customer experience, service and business operations are all verticals that are of interest to Verizon, which we expect to make the most headway within the development of AI automated decision making tools.” -Kristina Serafim, Managing Director of Verizon Ventures 


2020 provides a bright outlook for what’s to come in the world of tech and business, and we can’t wait to watch it all unfold. Verizon Ventures is excited to be part of the process by helping connect innovators with a pathway to accelerating the impact they can make on the world.


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