October 27, 2020

Verizon Ventures and Pivotal Commware speak at Telecom Council

As a driver for innovation within the telecommunications industry, Telecom Council’s annual TC3 Summit gathers industry vendors, startups and investors together with a common goal: advance cutting-edge telecom. The summit brings together leaders who explore and invest in a wide range of technologies – from IoT and data analytics to infrastructure and customer experience – to usher telecommunications into the future.

During this year’s virtual event, held October 26 - 27, I spoke about the nexus of opportunity with 5G mmWave. Joining me on stage for a fireside chat was Brian Deutsch, CEO of Pivotal Commware, a recognized pioneer of mmWave technology. As a Verizon Ventures portfolio company and one of several Verizon network vendors, Pivotal Commware develops software-defined antennas and radios that   use holographic beamforming that allows for greater coverage. Simply put, its products can be used by wireless customers to boost the millimeter-wave broadband signals transmitted by 5G operators.

Together, we discussed the opportunities fixed wireless access (FWA) creates, and how network operators can best deploy millimeter wave on a 5G network for a strengthened telecom infrastructure.

A few highlights:

Increasing the reach of 5G millimeter wave deployments

Deploying 5G millimeter wave for access solutions is revolutionary. With tremendous bandwidth at their disposal, operators need a cost effective and data-driven set of tools to help expand the reach and efficacy of this incredible asset. During our chat, Brian shared how Pivotal Commware provides such a toolkit to  solve a significant challenge with millimeter wave spectrum. The technology provides a way for operators like Verizon to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve coverage and signal penetration for millimeter wave 5G deployment.  

The company has developed two products that support 5G millimeter wave FWA in both indoor and outdoor settings:

  • Echo 5G, which facilitates penetration indoors to gently flood spaces with native 5G connectivity.
  • Pivot 5G, which redirects, extends and shapes service coverage outdoors. 

The key step to deployment is predictive and proactive propagation of high-resolution millimeter wave in a way that solves early coverage challenges. 

Pivotal Commware’s subscriber-driven deployment planning tool, WaveScape, helps operators improve the efficiency of their FWA deployment. With demographic data and charted attributes relative to municipal restrictions, population density, and competitive service providers, WaveScape enables operators to reduce costs and maximize TCO.

Fixed wireless access is the nexus of opportunity

Recently published independent research confirms the attractiveness of FWA for consumers and businesses. In a survey of 3,000 smartphone owners across the US, UK and South Korea, 66 percent of respondents indicated that they would subscribe to FWA if the cost and performance were the same or better than their current broadband service. It's the top-ranked 5G use case among consumers globally, and 41 percent of respondents shared that they resented only having a single provider to choose from.

5G millimeter wave FWA has the potential to not only be a major revenue point for telcos, but to support the demand for 5G service and provide an alternative to traditional broadband services. 

It was an honor to take the (virtual) stage at TC3 with Brian. Combined with strong market demand for FWA and predictive and sustainable technology from vendors such as Pivotal Commware, mobile operators are poised to make an impact in the marketplace with this platform. This is just one more way we’re building the future of 5G.