April 22, 2020

Verizon Ventures portfolio companies respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 has posed a global pandemic and unprecedented world crisis. In response, several companies within our portfolio responded in a variety of ways – from social media campaigns to bring the community together to data-driven dashboards to show the change across the world. Here are a few initiatives and links to access resources or learn more.



Customer engagement company Airship has put together an ebook for brands with strategies to maintain customer connections during the pandemic and grow for the future. The company also made its web notification solution available (at no cost) to businesses for 90 days. These notifications create another opportunity for brands to communicate directly with their customers. More here.


Civis Analytics

Civis Analytics, a data science company that serves both public and private sectors, has created the Coronavirus Pulse Survey to track how consumer opinions and behaviors change by fielding recurring research. Subscribe to the Civis Analytics Coronavirus Pulse Survey to receive updates.



OmniSci is an accelerated analytics platform used in business and government. In response to the pandemic, the company utilized its software to track the spread of the coronavirus in a dashboard, providing a real-time global glimpse of activity. 

In one instance, the software analyzed 16 billion location records from 6 million mobile devices to understand employee movement before and after shifts at various impacted meatpacking plants. Demonstrated through video, the data showed local hot spots - even down to a single address - with a high risk of infection. This data, useful to healthcare professionals and networks, allows for real-time tracking intel.

OmniSci's CEO Todd Mostak explores more use cases using a data science toolkit and workflow, in python, for exploring the data in this webinar.

The company also released a YouTube series showing the effect of stay-at-home orders and a blog post that talks through critical use cases for fighting the next phase of the pandemic.



Public transit agencies have a hardy task to provide service while both minimizing the spread of the virus as well as working with expected drops in ridership and driver availability. Optibus, the high-tech mobility platform provider, is offering no-cost assistance in preparing a COVID-19 alternative service plan for cities or agencies that request it through June.



Sportstech company Playsight started the #ConnectedApart virtual sports campaign to keep the global Playsight community connection and morale going during the pandemic. The campaign allows sports fans to feel connected to their favorite game by uploading videos to the  Playsight #ConnectedApart site, sharing with fellow fans around the world.



Commercial drone company PrecisionHawk is deploying drones to strengthen infrastructure. According to the company’s VP of Energy, Tyler Colins, “We have pilots out in the field, flying drones and collecting critical data for utility companies. We're helping those utility companies utilize that data in order to keep the power on, which is most important right now while most of us are working from home.” In spite of shelter-in-place requirements, utility workers (including drone operators) remain on the job as essential workers taking care of critical power infrastructure. More here.



Industrial AI company SparkCognition joined a group of businesses to produce face shields and prototype ventilators using industrial 3D printers, which will be donated to the COVID-19 ATX Exchange, an initiative started by Dell Medical School at UT Austin. The company has also donated a significant amount of its compute resources to Folding@Home (F@h), a crowdsourcing project to research COVID-19, with the goal of discovering the virus's vulnerabilities. Learn more about SparkCognition’s contributions to fighting COVID-19.



Autonomous solar-powered charging platform Swiftmile designed a sanitizer wipe dispenser system for its in-field micro-mobility charging stations to protect riders against COVID-19. According to CEO Colin Roche, “by adding these sanitizer wipe dispensers to our stations we are giving riders an extra comfort level of safety to help combat the spread of COVID-19." Learn more here.


It is clear organizations like these have found creative ways to help, finding methods to repurpose resources and give back to help individuals and groups alike. The outpouring of support, proactive resource offerings and flow of ideas is incredible to witness during these unprecedented times and we’re proud to showcase companies stepping forward to help from our portfolio. 


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