June 10, 2020

Introducing Tammy Mahn: Verizon Ventures’ new Tel-Aviv-based Managing Director

My professional and personal charge centers around how technology creates connections and opportunities for people­­­­ to build a better world. By nature, I’m a connector, something that started early in my career, and find joy working with entrepreneurs and various-sized businesses to find commonalities.

This is why I’m excited for my new role as Managing Director at Verizon Ventures based in Tel Aviv.  

 Like others in my home country, my professional career began in the Israeli military where I served in an elite intelligence unit. During those three years I learned valuable leadership and technical skills. Soon, however, I decided to begin an academic career studying Physical Chemistry at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology where I earned an M.Sc.

This led to a one-way flight to London where I was able to blend my military leadership skills and advanced degree at McKinsey, where I began my consulting career as a Business Analyst.  At McKinsey, I worked with leading global companies, which eventually led me to join Evergreen, Israel’s first venture capital firm. There, I focused on enterprise software deals, and came to understand the swift ebb and flow of the software market that sets investing tones for the global industry.  

My time at Evergreen eventually led to an investment role at Pitango, which is the largest venture fund in Israel by AUM.  During my four and a half years at this impressive firm, I learned how technology has the potential to bring great benefits to society, which took me to Hamilton Lane, an alternative investment management firm. I eventually started a project close to my heart: building economic opportunity and stability through investments and technology supported by the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. This project built a network of incubators throughout Turkey, the Middle East, and Israel as well as the first private sector accelerator in the Palestinian authority.

My next move was to become a founding Managing Partner of Moonscape Ventures, a $120m corporate investment arm of AGT International, focused on the IoT, big data and analytics domains. In my most recent role, I built a strategy for Agrination, an Israeli-Asian corporate consortium focusing on game-changing Israeli agriculture and food technology companies.

While I loved working with SMBs, what I found missing was the opportunity to help large companies connect with emerging tech startups who are at the apex of global change. From my time at Moonscape, I understood the value of a corporate venture fund and the role the investor plays, which is a bridge to the market for the parent and a connector for the entrepreneur and community at large.

So, Verizon Ventures was a natural next step for me. 

In my new role, I will be investing from Tel Aviv with an acute focus on startups in Israel and the European market. Working with entrepreneurs has fueled my conviction for practicing tech investing within the bigger picture of human prosperity. My passion for agricultural and food tech and the ecosystem needed for communities to thrive also closely aligns with Verizon’s values. My leadership knowledge and deep tech knowledge will serve their strategic charges well.

I am excited for this new chapter in supporting the work of passionate individuals who do what they do to change the world.

While there are a lot of challenges not up to us alone to solve, the whole point of technology, as I see it, is to do good, and that is exactly how I plan to spend my time here at Verizon Ventures.


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Tammy Mahn