March 7, 2017

VZV Podcast - Episode #3: Chatbots and AI (Part 3)

Today, we return for part three of our AI and chatbots conversation. In this episode, we discuss how AI will evolve and improve over time, allowing us to find new applications for the technology in daily life and help us build stronger connections with each other. Our guests are:

  • Momin Mirza: senior manager of strategy and partnerships at Verizon, where he focuses on innovations in commerce, AI, and conversational user interfaces.

  • Esther Crawford: CEO and co-founder of Olabot.  When released to the public, Olabot will allow anyone to build a personal bot, even without coding knowledge.

  • Raj Ramaswamy: CEO and co-founder of ShopInSync, which uses deep contextual bots to provide a comprehensive shopping experience across top retailers.

  • Mounir Shita: founder and CEO of Kimera Systems, whose Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) named Nigel™ will change the way apps are conceived and digital services are delivered.

Listen to Episode 3 below:

Tags: podcast , AI , chatbots , Christie Pitts