April 11, 2017

VZV Podcast - Episode #8: Video (Part 1)

Companies everywhere are using live video content on platforms, such as Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live, to engage with their audiences. But what drives higher engagement and how do businesses measure success rates beyond view count? This week’s podcast guests discuss the evolution of live video and where the industry is headed. Joining us this week are:

  • Ivana Kirkbride, Chief Content Officer for go90, a Verizon digital video platform. Go90 streams licensed TV content, content from digital partners, and original series.

  • Allison Stern, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Tubular Labs. Her company is leading the future of digital video by enabling cross-platform measurement and analytics.

  • Matt Levin, Co-founder and CEO of Donut Media, the digital media central for the next generation of automotive and motorsports enthusiasts.

  • Rhoades Rader, Head of Content Studios at Mitù, a video-heavy digital publication by and for Latino communities. Backed by Verizon Ventures, Mitù, a Verizon Ventures portfolio company, has assembled the largest network of Latino content creators and is now one of the world’s largest media companies providing content to Latino audiences.

  • Allen DebeVoise, Managing Partner of Third Wave Ventures.  With an exclusive focus on digital media, Third Wave is backing startups that are transforming the digital media landscape.

Listen to Episode 8 here:

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